Once you have signed up, you can sign into your affiliate account Here.

For you to earn money, a friend or family member needs to enter the site through your referral link and make a purchase. You will earn a 10% commission on each sale.

You can find your link in your welcome email sent after you register OR by logging into your Affiliality account where you will find your referral link at the top of the page.

Copy and paste your link into the website section of your Instagram bio. For you to earn money, a friend or family member needs to enter the site through your link and make a purchase. You will earn a 10% commission on each sale.

Affiliates will have commissions paid out via PayPal. You can get all set up by following 3 easy steps!

  1. Click Here to login to your Affiliate Panel.
  2. Once logged in, click on the link marked ‘Profile Page’.
  3. Next, scroll down to the ‘Payment by’ section and click ‘More Info’ where you can select the PayPal option. Don’t forget to hit the Save button!

Commission will be paid out once an affiliate reaches $100 in sales commission. Commission will be paid via Paypal automatically, so make sure that you have a PayPal account.

Affiliates earn a 10% commission rate on orders completed by customers that they bring to UnNaturalsLabs.com through their referral link.

Sign in to your Affiliate panel HERE. On this page you can see your sales earnings as well as find your refferal link towards the top of the page.

Once you sign up, your affiliate account will be managed by Affiliality. Affiliality is responsible for managing all tracking and commission payouts associated with your affiliate account.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based advertising program in which online publishers, or affiliates, can earn a commission on orders submitted by customers they refer to an online merchant (UnNaturalsLabs.com). They do this by creatively integrating UnNaturalsLabs.com’s products or content into social media posts or websites through blogs, product reviews, emails, banner advertisements, etc. The tracking process is simple. Once in the UnNaturalsLabs.com affiliate program, affiliates can create affiliate links to UnNaturalsLabs.com. When that link is clicked on by a visitor to that affiliate’s site, a tracking cookie is planted on that user’s computer. When that same visitor completes a purchase at UnNaturalsLabs.com, the cookie fires and a commission is applied to that affiliate’s account. The cookie exists on that user’s computer for 7 days, so the purchase does not have to be completed in the same visit.

It is completely free to create an account with UnNaturalsLabs.com affiliate program. Because there is no charge, there is virtually no risk in getting involved!

Not at all! Our top performing affiliates typically drive traffic from fitness- or nutrition-related social media accounts. However, if you have an active website or are good at email marketing, you could still be a successful affiliate.

No, you do not need to live in the U.S. to earn, however we do not currently ship internationally.

Go to the Affiliatly login page and click “forgot Password”

Only UnNaturals Athletes receive a discount code.